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A modern look. Mobile-friendly registrations. Transparent product listings. Great reports. Useful communications. The tools that you need, and the great features that you want.

Cogran simplifies registration, reservations, memberships, and more. Cogran has a fresh, customizable registration site. Useful administrative features streamline the back office, improving communications and offering transparent reports. Cogran is designed to future-proof your organization.

Signing up for Adult Fitness While in Nature

There's a Cogran for your organization.

Cogran is complete.

Standard isn't Standard Anymore

Every Cogran comes with great features.


Impressive tools to manage and grow.

Every Cogran System is packed with features that save time and help you reach as many members of your community as possible. Cogran includes great registration, terrific back office, and handy marketing in every installation, no matter how small.

At the same time, we understand that organizations don't always fit into perfect boxes. All parts of Cogran work with the rest of Cogran, so it's easy to add or subtract modules over time. Our experts are happy to help you find the perfect Cogran.

Cogran makes it easy to grow.

All of the features to streamline your organization.

  • The Front Page A free landing page displays information, maps, calendars, sports info, and more.
  • Easy Shopping Site visitors can find tons of info with searchable, sortable programs
  • Customizable Your images, your text, and your programs make the site instantly recognizable.
  • Registration Forms Great registration requires great forms, with updatable fields and input types
  • Smart Questions Create smart questions, with answers that form teams, add costs, or offer add-ons
  • Household Accounts Re-usable household accounts with registration histories and form management
  • Reports Easy-to-filter exportable reports on users, finance, and one-click rosters
  • Communications Confirmations, emails, text messages, and reminders keep you in touch
  • Finance Accept and track payments, one-click refunds, and financial reporting
  • Administration A comprehensive back office with CRM tools


Cogran maximizes your time, communicates with the community, markets and manages programs, and improves outreach.

Cogran Recreation Image

Recreation is the Heart of Your Community

Recreation departments and community centers are where we play, exercise, entertain, meet, and grow up. Cogran supports recreation departments and community centers with tools designed to meet community needs and admin requirements.

Your community wants a robust, secure shopping experience on a modern, mobile-friendly system. Cogran makes it easy for customers to find the right registration or booking option. And admins find that Cogran handles everything they do. Cogran can support you with registration for programs, membership, sports, and reservations, as well as reports, payments, and a robust CRM. Add great support, and Cogran is the right choice for your organization.

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Recreation departments and community centers thrive with Cogran

Great features in a single, complete system

  • Customizable Your images, your text, and your programs make the site instantly recognizable.
  • Easy Shopping Site visitors have easy access to places and programs.
  • Handy Calendars One unified calendar shows everything in one place.
  • All Programs Daily classes, weekly sessions, one-time events, scheduled sports, and more.
  • Manage Sports Run league sports with signups, team formation, and scheduling.
  • Offer Reservations Any location you manage can be reserved.
  • Office Insights A comprehensive back office with reports, communications, and payment management


Member management for organizations like yours.

Member 2

Build community and offer benefits.

Cogran can help you create a compelling membership package, and keep members coming back by offering benefits of membership that build your community. Cogran makes it simple to offer members access to special programs and create special member pricing for eligible programs.

Cogran handles membership management with tools that increase communication, cut admin time, build retention, and streamline office functions.

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Managing members with Cogran.

Cogran is packed with membership management tools.

  • Flexible Prices and Terms Offer memberships for families or individuals, at different rates, for different lengths of time
  • Access Allow members to swipe into your location with easily created cards
  • Easy to Use Member prices are automatically applied to current members
  • Prices for Everyone Add member rates to eligible programs
  • Communications Automated reminders and expiration notices, plus send emails as needed
  • Finances Review member registration rates and finances around membership programs
  • Customizable Your images, your text, and your programs make the site instantly recognizable.


Grow your bookings by 30 percent.

Book a Room

Great communities are packed with great places

Cogran's reservation and booking management tools manages internal reservations and public bookings in one system. That even includes internal management of spaces like fields and courts.

We understand that facilities are varied, even within one organization, and that's why Cogran let you customize each location, like when reservations are available each day. Cogran’s calendar displays reservations with different views for public and admin, and reporting tools allow deep insights into patterns, pricing, and usage.

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Manage reservations using Cogran's handy tools.

  • Customizable Your images, your text, and your programs make the site instantly recognizable.
  • Easy Shopping Site visitors shop for a location that fits their needs
  • Images and Details Find the right locations based on graphic-rich listings
  • Crisp Calendars At a glance calendars make it easy to find and book the right spot
  • Built-in Options Offer upgrades, permits, contracts, and price precisely
  • Complex RelationshipsCreate parent-child room relationships
  • Powerful PricingPrice for day and night, weekend and weekday. One room may have many prices.
  • Admin Control Great admin control for approvals and more
  • ResidentResident pricing by zip or other code
  • Time slots, Hourly, or OvernightSet the reservation periods that work for your facilities. Each facility can be different!
  • All-in-One Reservations, meetings, classes, and sports schedules all on one calendar


A seamless registration. Great communications. A feature-rich back office.

Cogran Youth Sports

Take a league to the next level.

Great registration for sports is just the beginning. Cogran streamlines league management in a single tool that cuts down on volunteer and staff hours. Cogran's free front page makes it simple for families to sign up, then check game and practice schedules, get text messages about updates and changes, make payments, and check out scores and stats. League administrators can set up registration seasons, craft teams using a powerful workflow with automation and manual options, great scheduling tools that allow unlimited locations, blackout dates, and flexible start times. Manage it all on a mobile-friendly system that prioritizes usefulness and design.

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Handle all your sports in a single system

  • Customizable Your images, your text, and your programs make the site instantly recognizable.
  • Registration Registration is where it all begins, from playing up to playing with a friend.
  • Scheduling Cogran automates scheduling while accounting for variable start times and black-out dates
  • Teams A single system means that age-group coordinators can swiftly, effectively build the right teams.
  • Volunteers Coaches and other volunteers can sign up seamlessly during the registration process.
  • Communications Communicate via texts and emails plus easy schedules and scores.
  • Websites Built-in Website shows schedules, scores, and standings
  • User Accounts Households can view signups, payments, team info, upload forms, and download calendars
  • Back Office Easy refunds, printable and exportable reports, and great finance functions.


As special as your camp, with all the features you need.

Cogran Camp

Great features. Great benefits.

Cogran is designed for camps with friendly features in a slick, seamless package. Busy parents easily shop by for programs that fit their schedules and their kids' interests.

Your camp will stand out with great forms that makes sense, up-front shopping, and a branded website.Admins have great rosters and can provide easy refunds, take deposits, and run their camp in a single system.

Learn more about Cogran Camp

Use Cogran's dashboard to handle your camp.

  • Customizable Your images, your text, and your programs make the site instantly recognizable.
  • Household Signups Everyone can be registered in one transaction. A household account keeps info on file.
  • Bells and Whistles Upload camper photos for rosters, handle forms, and sign up for extras.
  • Safety First Export for background checks, request pickup and emergency contacts, all in a secure site.
  • Camper and Parent Focus Manage campers with a 360-degree user account.
  • Market and Communicate Send emails with your branding and send texts for last-minute changes.
  • Admin Tools Handle refunds, manage revenue, and swap sessions from the integrated admin panel.
  • Check-ins Use Cogran's online check-in tools or print forms for manual sign-in and sign-out.
  • Daily Management Get enrollment info, view calendars, handle rosters, pickups, and attendance.
  • Overviews Sortable, exportable reports reveal finances, investigate registration rates, and more.

Cogran's modern, customer-facing site makes your organization look great.

A Beautiful Site

Front Page

Built-in Websites

Cogran's Front Page is a modern site that can be personalized with custom text, images, and organized for easy shopping.

Program Listing

Easy Shopping

Cogran makes shopping easy with crisp listings that make finding the right registration selection simple.

More Info Preview

Up-Front Information

Make it easy for parents to find the right programs, with up-front info on where, when, what, and eligibility, plus pricing details.

Calendar View

Calendar View

Cogran's calendar views show clearly when rooms or programs are available, making it easy to find the right time.

Customers Love Cogran

Cogran is One System for Everything You Do

Use Cogran on any device from anywhere.

One look. One interface. Simple.

Cogran's clean, elegant view is fully responsive, which means that Cogran works on any device. With about 40 percent of site visits coming from mobile users, that's important. A visitor with an iPhone, an Android phone, an iPad, or a PC gets the same great interface in a size and format that works perfectly. And admin users can log in too, allowing access from wherever they are.

Cogran is Responsive

Make it your own with simple customization.

"Thanks to Cogran, my registration site finally shows everything that we do."

Customization makes Cogran your own. Choose a site color, your own banner image, update the text, and create cards to display product categories. Every program can display a preview image, and registration forms updated for your own needs.

Customized Website

Reports that Work for any organization

"Cogran has more reports than we could ever use."

Information in, information out. That's the essence of Cogran reports. They're sortable, flexible, and exportable. Cogran includes reports on income, capacity, usage, monies due, teams, schedules, bookings, attendance, membership, and more, Cogran's reports provide a 360 view of your organization.

Finance Report

Calendars that Connect Everything into one place.

"Managing reservations used to take up all my time. Then I chose Cogran."

Calendars work best when they show it all in one place. Cogran has a crisp view of reservations and recurring events, sporting events and summer camps, board meetings and preschool sessions, overnight bookings and open gym. Reservations made by the public, private in-house occasions, and events scheduled by your team all display in a color-coded, easy-to-read calendar.

Cogran Calendars

Flexible Forms make it easy to offer different types of programs.

Use Cogran to gather information with forms and intuitive smart questions.

Signing up suddenly got easy. With Cogran's smart questions, it's possible to customize signups for every type of program. Youth or adult sports, recurring classes, summer camps, field trips... and more. Some programs are for adults, some for kids. Some programs have extra options, like after care, and some need additional waivers. Cogran makes it easy with unlimited smart questions, which seamlessly customize every program's registration. Upload forms and images to capture even more details.

Cogran Registration Forms


At Cogran, we bring years of experience to ensuring that everyone can sign up.

We spend tons of time signing up these days. Parents sign up kids for sports, camps, and classes. Adults can sign up for intramural sports or enrichment activities. Senior can find the right programs, too. Community members can reserve a room for a party, and admins can schedule games as easily as recurring meetings. Cogran makes it a smooth, seamless process and lets users

With great support and a team determined to make your organization shine, Cogran is a partner that grows with you.

Cogran Registration



Building access for everyone to all of the amazing programs you offer

With all of Cogran's features, it might seem expensive. In fact, Cogran starts at only $75 per month for small organizations, and big organizations are impressed with our low costs. We keep prices low because we're committed to our misssion.

Cogran's mission is to improve access to all of the amazing registration programs, and that can't happen if organizations like yours are paying high prices for online systems.


Let's talk about how Cogran can help.